Together We Rise: Immigrants in America

This is a ground-breaking look at one of the most complex and emotion-charged issues facing America today: immigration.

This book is not a polemic. Instead, with stark black and white photographs and first-person stories, this is an illuminating look at some 110 new immigrants to our shores, men and women come from all over the world, and we see what they do, every day, to enrich the life, the culture, and the economy of America. The title says it all: “Together We Rise.”

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“What makes someone American isn’t just blood or birth, but allegiance to our founding principles and faith in the idea that anyone — from anywhere — can write the next chapter of our story.”

– President Barack Obama

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This book was born in anguish. Four years ago, the celebrated photographer Mark Tuschman became incensed by the anti-immigrant rhetoric and policies then coming out of Washington, and he swung into action, heart engaged and camera in hand. Mark’s resulting photos and personal stories take us from essential workers, to high-tech creators and gifted entrepreneurs and to doctors, nurses and researchers. Mark also brings us into the lives of immigrants seeking citizenship, whether they are undocumented, asylum seekers or DACA recipients. The result is a unique and illuminating portrait of immigrants in America.

Mark Tuschman

Mark Tuschman is an internationally acclaimed photographer and a specialist in humanitarian causes. His book “Faces of Courage: Intimate Portraits of Women on The Edge” was endorsed by former President Jimmy Carter and by many international women’s groups. It was chosen as one of the top photo books of 2015 by American Photo magazine.

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“Together We Rise puts a human face on the foundational truth of this country—we are a nation of immigrants. Not to sideline the Indigenous population here before us who also contribute to the fabric of this great nation, the other 98% are from the small hamlets, villages, towns and the great cities in every corner of the world. No other nation can claim the diversity that has made America what it is today. While there are dangerous currents that want to put up walls, Mark Tuschman’s stunning black and white portraits, combined with first-person narratives, is a powerful reminder of the nation that this diversity has created.”

—Glenn Ruga, Executive Editor, ZEKE magazine

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