Together We Rise Montage

The deeper I got into the work, the more clearly I saw the truth, a truth that is often hidden from our eyes: without the help of immigrants, our country might not be able to survive. Our land, our food, our economy, our schools and hospitals, even our cutting edge science and technology -- in every sector of American life, immigrants provide us with essential manpower and expertise, and they bring us a special spirit too, the spirit of people come here to start fresh, to build their dreams and raise their children in our cherished land of liberty. In my eyes now, awakened as I am, what I see is plain as day: Together We Rise. Or, Divided We Fall.

Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, I have seen, first-hand, the essential role that immigrants are playing during these extremely difficult times. With the best tools I have -- my heart and my camera -- I have been documenting the contributions that so many immigrants -- come here from all over the world -- are making every single day, for the good of our country, the good of our people. Over the past three years I have met with workers in farms and vineyards up and down the state of California, I have photographed doctors, nurses and aid workers, engineers and researchers, judges and teachers, business leaders and investors, and at every turn I had to stop and marvel at the strength and the talents of these exceptional men and women.

The result of my work is TOGETHER WE RISE: IMMIGRANTS IN AMERICA, a photo tribute to these heroic men and women, complete with their own personal stories. This is not a polemic. Or a diatribe. This is, simply, an illuminating portrait of the immigrant experience in America, and I hope it is also a poignant look into the heart of our country, our nation of immigrants. Above all, I hope this book is a timely reminder of what matters most: our shared humanity.


Mark Tuschman

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