Together We Rise: Immigrants in America

Together We Rise focuses on the contributions immigrants make to our society. It includes immigrants of all skills, from those doing manual labor to those highly skilled in medicine, law, and hi-tech. It is divided into six major sections, starting with how immigrants contribute to growing, distributing and creating the food that we eat. It is followed by immigrants who provide our healthcare. The following section includes entrepreneurs, essential workers and small business owners that contribute to growing our economy. There is a section on immigrants who are educators and also one that focuses on justice, including lawyers and judges as well as immigrants who are in the process or have received asylum. Lastly, we focus on our future, which includes many DACA recipients studying law, medicine and engineering.

Mark Tuschman Behind the Scenes

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Our Land, Our Food
  • Our Health
  • Our Economy
  • Our Educators
  • Our Justice
  • Our Future
  • About the Book
  • Acknowledgments
  • Index

The Content

Without exception, each immigrant who participated in this project expressed their desire to contribute to our society, and came to the U.S. because they deeply admire our democratic values. Many of the narratives include the struggles and motivations that that are integral to the immigrant experience.

Esmeralda Silva

The Design and Print

The intention of Together We Rise is to create bridges of understanding between people of diverse backgrounds. The objective is to nurture empathy and compassion and to embrace each other with respect and dignity and bring our country to a place of healing.

The book, with dimensions of 12 inches by 10 inches, will have a strong physical presence, and will be printed on archival, matte-coated art paper. It will be Smythe-sewn and cloth bound, to create a true keepsake designed to last for generations. The book’s scheduled publication date is April 4th, 2023.


About the Publisher

Val de Grace Books is a small publishing house with one guiding mission: to create books of exceptional quality and distinction, and often books that shine a penetrating light into some of the most important issues of our time. Over the past 20 years, Val de Grace books have won prestigious awards for storytelling, design, print quality and photographic excellence.  

Val de Grace was proud to bring forth Mark Tuschman’s earlier photo expose, Faces of Courage, Intimate Portraits of Women on The Edge, a book that was celebrated by President Jimmy Carter and by leading women’s organizations around the world. And it is equally proud now to help Mark bring forth Together We Rise.

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